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TL-C Services

General Accounting

By taking on the role of your bookkeeper, we ensure that your financial activities are reported fully and quickly. We help our clients optimize their business processes according to the following criteria: productivity and efficiency management, compliance with legal regulations, and transparent operations.

Process Automation

Our process automation services bring convenience and optimization to your business. By applying technology and modern tools, we help automate processes, from data management to handling repetitive tasks. This helps increase productivity, minimize errors, and optimize costs. Our services provide flexibility and efficiency, helping your business move forward in a smart and effective way.

Financial Control

Taking customer service to the next level, we are your financial controller. We provide clients with optimal solutions for financial planning: cost control & logistics fee management. With different clients, we provide adaptive solutions that fit your business model.

Financial Management Solution

Our financial consulting and implementation services are built on a deep understanding of the specific needs of businesses and their financial goals. We provide in-depth consulting and thorough analysis to propose appropriate solutions to optimize financials and manage risks. Our experienced team of experts not only shapes financial strategy but also supports the implementation of those solutions, ensuring feasibility and effectiveness for businesses.

Chief Financial Officer

Beyond a business discussion is a long-term business strategy. In this case, we are your business partner in the role of “virtual CFO”. Expanding your business meets the expectations of stakeholders and potential and existing investors.

Payroll Accounting

Our team of professionals handle the complex aspects of payroll, saving businesses time and allowing them to focus on their employees and core operations. We provide transparency and timeliness in payroll processing, including managing costs such as social security and health insurance.

With our payroll services, businesses can be confident that every aspect of employee pay is managed professionally, while ensuring compliance with current labor and wage regulations.

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